Ohio Chapter IASIU Committies


Do you want to become more involved in the chapter?  Do you want to help our organization prevent and deter fraud?  Sign up for a committee and make a difference.

Would you like to be involved in helping to select the winner of the next M. Andrew Sway Investigator of the Year Award?  Join the award committee and make sure your vote counts.

Award Committee

Got a way with words?  Consider joining our editorial committe and write content for our website, emails and other publications including chapter articles that get featured in the internation newsletter.

Constitution & Bylaws

Would you like to handle any issues that may conflict with our chapter bylaws?  Join this committee and help make imporant policy decisions.

Laws and Legislation
Public Awarness

Do you love Law and Order?  Perhaps you would like to join the Laws and Legislation committee and represent the chapter in important legal decisions that effect us all.

Are you friendly and outgoing?  Can you help us generate ideas to gain more members and reach more people with our message?  If so joining the membership committe is for you.

Do you have a passion for fraud prevention?  Are you interested in explaining fraud schemes to the public and showing them why insurance fraud should matter to them?  If so consider joining this committee

Seminar & Training

Would you like to help locate speakers and help plan our annual seminars?  Do you stay up on the lattest trends in the industry or have a lot of contacts within the industry?  Joining our Seminar and Training committee may just be a perfect fit for you.

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